offers SMS to saudi arabia offers SMS to saudi arabia and following SMS services

 :Bulk SMS

Companies can deliver bulk SMS to the destination quickly, cheaply and reliably. provides a Bulk SMS gateway solutions including sending SMS via a web based interface or connecting your own application direct to our gateway via the internet. Depending on your requirement, you could select an SMS solution for your company. You just need to decide what suits you best… a web based service, PC software or bulk SMS solution that  plugs into your database

 :Push SMS Services

Through our Push SMS Services you will be able to request services and information (e.g. ring tones, games, horoscope, and/or information) from a wireless handset (mobile device) via sending a preset SMS code to a predetermined number. The service requested is sent back to the handset via SMS. Through Push SMS service, the customer can register to the service and receive the information he/she registered for.

 :Pull SMS

Pull SMS is the ability to request services (e.g. ring tones or games) from a mobile handset, also known as “Inbound SMS”. The service requested is sent back to the handset via SMS, or what we often call a 2-way SMS service.

Target Database may provide a Target Database for Its clients; we have listings of categorized database with recipients categorized according to Location, Income, Provider, Age, Gender, etc…

As a client with , your messages can be broadcasted to any selected category in the provided Database depending on your needs and preferences.

System Integration

 ? what do you want

? Integrate SMS service from your website


? Have your system to Auto-send SMS to clients that forgot to pay the bills


? Have your system to send clients’ passwords via SMS


? Auto-send to children’s parents to notify them about their absence


? Send test results straight from your system without import/export


? Notify your customers automatically once their orders are ready

NOW YOU CAN!! API SMS integration is one of the easiest and most reliable for all levels of usage. Whether your application is Web-based or Desktop- based, it can be used easily

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