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Since its inception in 2007, SMS gateway company has passed through several stages, most recently the appointment of the CEO. Mohamed AlHelali in 2014 .The team moves company to the inter nationality. It refuses than to being all services with high quality and speed and this is our first concern, taking into account the privacy and security of information and national security.

In the previous version 2007-2016 our sole concern was transmission, but with the advancement of technology and the development of communications we have to look for development of our services to suit local and international needs

New version properties:

– Adopted ASP.NET programming language instead of PHP for reasons of speed, development and security.

– Multiple and smart gateways for outgoing messages, which contribute to the routing of messages to another gateway is less crowded.

– A signal for the Sending status in the client area when the traffic congestion to avoid the two million pressure problems at peak times.

– Multiple languages ​​for the user interface including Arabic, English, French and soon adding more languages.

– HLR system to check the status of the number (works – not working – not used) to be able to filter the phone numbers before sending.

– DLR system to determine the status of the Sending after each mission (received – sent – not sent – pending – other) and more cases.

– Integration of all systems and applications in one system, including:

1- One-way messages (one Way SMS)

2-  (2way SMS)

3- Voice SMS

4- Interactive Messages(SMS)(Short-Code)

5- Interactive Messages(SMS)(Long-Code)

6- Peer to peer messages (SMPP)

7- Incoming message (SMS) box.

8- Call messages(SMS) / (IVR) Interactive voice response SMS

9- Multimedia messages (MMS)

10- Broadcast messages(SMS) Location based SMS

11- Flash messages(SMS)

New features:

– Easier groups system, supports all versions of Excel 2003 and later, and Text.

– A more comprehensive reporting system.

– Automatic re-Send when Sending fails in first / second case.

– Sender ID is easy to control.

– Account Manager feature to communicate with your Account Manager immediately by phone / mobile / email.

– Balance feature in points or amount deposited.

– Multi-currency advantage per account (SAR – Euro – USD – Egyptian pound … etc).

– The advantage of multiple payment systems (bank transfers – credit cards – check).

– Billing feature (view – print).

– featureQuote and Price offers automatically.

– Comprehensive notification feature through email / SMS.

– The advantage of important alerts within the customer’s area for an important matter.

– New and special offers feature on the user interface.

– General statistics feature on the user interface.

– Links cut feature to shorten the transmission.

– Insert link or picture feature in the message.

– Points calculation feature before sending.

– The advantage of filtering excess, missing, duplicate and wrong numbers.

– Delete duplicate, missing and incorrect numbers.

– Periodic prices update feature.

– Feature support tickets integrated with e-mail.

– Ready messages templates feature.

– Phone number recognition feature (working – not working – unused … etc.)

– The advantage of knowing the status of messages in the instant report (sent – received – failed – rejected … etc)

– Easier mobile Applications iOs – Android.

– Modules and software add-ons for most of the ready softwae (WordPress – PrestaShop – OpenCart – Shopfy – Magento – whmcs – Blesta)

Integration and Linkage:

– A modern API feature for linking and integration with the messaging gateway for all systems, applications, software and websites, supports HTTP API – SMPP API.

– Libraries ready for most programming languages with the direct integration feature including:

PHP – ASP.NET – Java – Python – jeem – Java – LISP – Prologue – Python – Fortran – – Ruby – Ada – Delphi – BASIC – COBOL – Pascal – SQL – Java Script – C. – Logo language – Atlas AutoCode – C Sharp (C #) – DART language


– Technical Partner: PureCode

– Project Manager: Mohamed AlHelali.

– Programmers and designers: Roman Fedoruk – Ahmed Sayed – Mohamed ElHelou – Mohamed Helali – Amani Hashem – DK Yadav – Prashant.

– Translators: Alaa Hashim – VeronikaRulíšková.

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