Advertising campaigns

SMS Marketing and advertising campaigns is one of the services of the business sector messaging gateway to market products and services via SMS,

SMS advertising campaigns and marketing campaign implementation

SMS Marketing is one of the services of the business sector messaging gateway to market products and services via SMS, advertising campaigns, as marketing and promotional offers via SMS represent one of the best and most powerful means of communication and response compared to other marketing means.

What’s New:

We provide free marketing solutions to all business and services sectors that also enable you to spread unlimited in the short and long term.
Updated databases for all regions and cities.

SMS advertisement advantages:

1. It is considered the most feasible promotional method as it has unlimited spread, which means that it is the most effective, distinctive and fastest advertisement in reaching millions.

2. An effective and guaranteed pull factor whenever the ad contains real offers.

3. The ability to send SMS messages to a wide segment of whatever the number provides an easy, reliable, effective and cost-effective way as it is the only targeted and direct advertisement to keep in touch with customers wherever they are.

Tips for your campaigns via SMS:
It is difficult for anyone to stop the messages received by Jawwal, as he must read them first, so it is important to make sure of the following:
1- A careful study of the content of the message and its feasibility for the future.
2- When launching promotional campaigns, make the message refer to the most important product that your customers want most.
3- Try to have your promotional campaigns on special incentives and discounts to gain great interest from the future for your next campaigns.
4- Try to make the message format personal so that the future feels interested in him, for example:
(Dear – we welcome you – we invite you … etc.) Try to move away from the plural.
5- Make your message a means of interest and communicate with your customer, for example you give the message holder a gift or an additional discount.
6- The shortening and brevity of the message increases its impact, but it must contain a clear and accurate description.
7- You must include your own means of communication in the message so that the recipient can inquire when needed.

Achieved results and objectives:
1- Motivate your sales with your existing customers.
2- Increase loyalty from your customers and strengthen the relationship with them.
3- Attracting new clients and opening new horizons.
4- Grow your sales and grow your profits.






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