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About sms gateway

SMS gateway Foundation for Information Technology is one of the branches of a giant technical institution orbits the planet of communication and information technology, an official Saudi company registered in the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Saudi Arabia, the commercial register number 4030268491 and its headquarters city of Jeddah Palestine Street intersection Prince Majed Al Amoudi Street Building First Floor Office No. 9

مجال الخدمات :

We offer the fastest short SMS messaging service in Saudi Arabia, and always strive to be the best in the Ngttina areas use different text messages and provide appropriate programs to facilitate your needs to send mobile SMS messages from the Internet to mobile, whether it was your use of the letters personal use or institutions or companies or government agencies whatever your use of the mobile phone messages all this through the gate of messages for mobile depends on local and global telecom companies you can rely on.


Was established SMS gateway for information technology since 2007 on the scale With the increase in our customers and our employees Enterprise Management approved the separation of text and convert it to the new domain messages.


The choice of name was not (SMS gateway) coincidental, but carefully selected, since the gate of text messaging is the origin of the term and the necessity for sending SMS text messages, and is considered Gateway is a translation of the term (gate).