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For Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS from Gateway.sa is a free feature that enables you to contact your customers and your business team with one click and within a few seconds, and keeps you in constant contact at any time and from anywhere, and it is the best way to advertise custom or standard or report products And new offers or about summoning or informing the work team.


Advantages of Bulk SMS:

– It can be used in any activity or entity, whether governmental, companies or individuals.
– The ability to update groups and numbers at any time.
Direct targeting of the target audience.
– Rapid access to large numbers of targeted people in an easy and safe way.
Ensure that your ad reaches and is read by the target audience, unlike traditional ads.
The ability to customize your ad groups and maintain them for a longer period.
Ensure the confidentiality of information used in transmissions.
– Detailed reports of the transactions that took place on your account, showing the details and status of the transmission.
Reducing advertising costs and expenses.


The group messages are not only distinctive, but are the best solutions for group communication at all:

For managers and leaders: it gives you the ability to communicate with the work team and report alerts, meeting times and others.
For companies and institutions: enables you to introduce your customers to your services and products and always be closest to them.
For schools and educational institutions: It gives you direct and fast communication with students and their parents.
For e-stores and websites: Increase the number of your site members and increase the number of your visitors.
For charitable and religious organizations: Spread your charitable activities and share the good with others.


How to use bulk SMS:

Simple steps enable you to start using group messages, see the explanation of sending a group message (from here).


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